Diogo Noronha, 45.
Chef - Diogo Noronha Studio.
Lisbon, Portugal.

If you're acquainted with Lisbon's food scene, you've probably heard the name before - (Chef) Diogo Noronha. If you haven't, you're unarguably missing out, and should take on this opportunity to get acquainted with Chef Diogo Noronha and what he's been up to.                  


When did you start to be interested in cooking for other people? Do you remember what captivated you in the first place?

It was a natural process. I started cooking for myself when I changed my diet at 17 and that was the catalyst for my interest and focus. I soon started cooking outside my home, working on events. What captivated me was the desire to share my diet, the challenge and the side of starting to make some money.


Who was your main reference in your early years as a chef? How did this person influence your work?

In the beginning my references weren't chefs, they were life philosophies, gastronomic cultures and specific practices. I treasure the books that influenced me immensely in my early research and quest for knowledge. My time in New York started me on the path to restaurants; names like Thomas Keller, Dan Barber, Charlie Trotter, Gabrielle Hamilton, Wylie Dufresne, Matthew Kenney, among others, were and continue to be inspirations. Returning to Europe opened up my horizons. In Spain I worked with and got to know the work of chefs such as Joan Roca, Ferran Adrià, Michel Bras, Pascal Barbot, Pierre Gagnaire, Fergus Henderson, Alain Passard, Michel troisgros, Jordi Villa, to name a few.


How did your work evolve from the learning years in New York until the launching of your own creative studio?

It's been a journey of constant learning and evolution. The launch of the studio was born out of a desire to create a different way of building and presenting a team's work, opening doors to various collaborations with different talents, brands and gastronomic actors.


How would you describe Diogo Noronha Studio?

The proposal is to create strong, original and personalized culinary territories in the development of experiences, dinners and cocktails for brands and private clients. We want to stimulate complementarity through new creative projects and nurture the possibility of collaboration.


Where do you find (or look for) inspiration?

In different places and at different times. Nature and its cycles are the greatest source of inspiration, dialogue and research, travel, art in general and the work of other chefs and artisans.  


Can you name a few projects and clients you have worked with since you've launched the studio?

Minotti, Loewe, Massimo Dutti, QuartoSala, Cupra, among others.


Can you detail the process of developing a creative menu for a brand? What is your favorite part of the process?

The team's starting point is the creation of a moodboard in which an ingredient, flavor or texture is integrated or staged in order to broaden the universe of a product, collection or exhibition. The part that excites me most is the collaborative creative process and the fact that they are personalized curations.


Creativity plays a strong part in your work. Is this transversal to the different areas of your life?

Yes, I have a way of being in life that is very curious and sensitive to my surroundings. I think these are essential characteristics for being more inspired and available to create. My relationship with music is very creative.


What characteristics do you value the most when choosing a new piece of clothing?

Clothes that become vintage, instead of waste.


What is your favorite piece from ELEX?

Long sleeves.


As you know, Lisbon was a reference for our name and identity. Living here after several years abroad, can you tell us what made you come back?

I really like Lisbon, the desire to be close to the sea, the quality of the products and wanting to contribute to the city's gastronomic scene.


It must be exciting to be launching your first project under your name. What are your plans for the future?

To make the studio grow, evolve and collaborate with incredible people, talents and brands. To contribute to a more resilient, responsible and sustainable food and gastronomic culture in an inclusive and creative way. There is a huge opportunity to rethink our relationship with culture, tradition and innovation!


Thank you, Diogo, for taking the time to help us kickstart this project, and best of luck with Diogo Noronha Studio.


W: www.diogonoronha.com
E: info@diogonoronha.com / diogo@diogonoronha.com
IG: @_diogonoronha_ / @diogonoronhastudio

A restaurant?
Gresca in BCN.
A place?
A song?
International by Thomas Leer, lately.
An artist?
Marina Rheingantz.
An object?
Books and records.
A sport?
Who would you invite for dinner?
Michael Pollan.
What's your latest new interest?
Getting deeper in the Seeds guardians and seed culture.
A weekend getaway?
Gent, Belgium.

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